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Conductor Paging, Alerting & School Bell System

Model: Conductor
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Conductor® schools: Better-informed, on time, and safer:
It's far easier to manage paging, bells, intercom, and emergency response on a campus with FrontRow Conductor. Conductor replaces separate conventional systems with a single communication and control platform that lets schools do far more than ever before.

A better way to communicate on campus:
Connect classroom AV systems, hallways, offices, and other areas into a single communications grid over your LAN. FrontRow Conductor lets you do daily tasks like paging, bells, and using the intercom, as well as emergency response, in a much more manageable way.

Flexible and efficient:
Unlike conventional paging or bell systems, Conductor is totally customizable to each school's needs, processes, and preferences — and lets you be much more self-sufficient. Your staff can create, access, and modify zones, schedules, messages, and more without the need for outside consultants and techs. Instead of many separate systems, Conductor is a single platform that makes it easy to handle bells, paging, intercom, control, mass notification, handshakes with building controls and life safety systems, and more. As part of your Emergency Preparedness Plan, staff can activate emergency announcements, display information on digital signage, lock doors, send private alerts, and take other actions to help keep everyone aware and safer.

For everyday...:
Conductor keeps the day moving with automated bell schedules, using the built-in tones or your own audio files. Set up different schedules for different parts of the school, even on a class-by-class basis. Play pre-recorded announcements or music, or stream audio live from your phone.

Hundreds of districts, including Whittier City in California, use Conductor every day to keep their schools running smoothly. Watch the video to see how they modernized their daily communications.

...and for emergencies.:
The communication technology you choose to support your Emergency Preparedness Plan needs to address activation of alerts, notification of people who can help, and help them quickly respond to the situation. Conductor and other EPP-Ready solutions from FrontRow let your staff trigger alerts, rapidly inform the response team, and automate actions like pushing evacuation maps to digital signage, locking d

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